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Meet Our 2017 Team

Sunny Cove is proud to have a diverse group whose love of the outdoors and Alaska has brought them together in this place we call home.  Their commitment to the environment and passion for the wildlife and natural beauty is reflected in their quality of service to our guests. Many of our staff members return year after year, to continue their exploration of every nook and passing that experience along to you. Take a peek at our staff!


John Page - Owner

John came north in 1983 in pursuit of big mountain skiing.  He quickly fell in love and spent a good amount of time skiing, exploring, photographing and writing about Alaska before settling in Seward. 

In 1996 he started Sunny Cove on remote Fox Island.  Kayaking fueled his desire to share this place with others.  Since then Sunny Cove has introduced tens of thousands of people to the wonders of Resurrection Bay, Fox Island and Kenai Fjords National Park.

Kathryn (KAT) Page - Office Manager

Hailing from Florida, Kat spent her weekends indulging in her passion for the outdoors.  In 2004, she and a group friends organized a trip to Northwestern Fjord with Sunny Cove.  This was a life changing experience, and she found herself moving to Alaska in 2006 to manage the reservation office for Sunny Cove. 

Since then, John and Kat wed, and now can be found outdoors hiking, kayaking, skiing and traveling to places not yet explored.


Stephanie Millane - Operations manager

Stephanie grew up in the backwoods of Wisconsin, running through the forests and fishing the rivers.  Skiing is her passion, which left her summers open for exploration.  She began guiding in SE AK in 1998 and found her way to Sunny Cove in 2006.

Once here she soon became our Operations Manager and a full-time Alaska resident.  She shares with us her nearly two decades of Alaskan experience and is a Wilderness First Responder, and a Certified Alaska Tour Guide Trainer. 

Matthew Barnes - Lead Guide Coordinator

Originally from Atlanta, Matt dropped off the career path, and wandered up to the last frontier to see what it was all about.  Matt joined Sunny Cove in 2011 and has since trained and guided in Florida, the Caribbean, Georgia, New Zealand and Baja.

Matt is a certified Level 3 ACA instructor, a BCU 3* paddler, and a Wilderness First Responder.  As our most seasoned Lead Guide, Matt is heavily involved in staff training and day-to-day operations of Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking.


Danny Meuninck - Lead Guide Coordinator

Northern Indiana gave Danny his first taste of kayaking and he has been on the water since.  He joined Sunny Cove in 2013 and has since worked as a guide in Hawaii and Malaysia.  He also spent many years working in college student leadership development at the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Danny is a certified Level 2 ACA Coastal Kayak Instructor, a Certified Alaska Tour Guide, a Leave No Trace Master Educator and a Wilderness First Responder.  Danny assists in facilitating our training program and day-to-day operations.

Arthur Kampmann - Lead Guide

Arthur's family introduced him to the outdoors of New England at a young age.  As a young adult he decided to explore and soon became a kayak guide in Maine.  Arthur joined Sunny Cove in 2015 and spends his winters exploring the world, most recently visiting New Zealand and Australia.

Arthur has been trained as an Alaska Tour Guide, Leave No Trace, is a Wilderness First Responder, and has a Level 2 ACA Certification.


Katie MacNabb - Guide

Katie hails from Baltimore, MD and grew up a total water rat.  She spent lots of time in the water as a competitive swimmer.  As an adult she's teaching outdoor environmental education while traveling the states. After a few years of teaching she went on to pursue guiding wilderness trips.

Katie loves sharing the natural world (and a few corny jokes) with others and is trained as an Alaska Tour Guide, Leave No Trace and is a Wilderness First Responder.

Russ White - Guide

Russ originally hails from MA, and graduated from Nichols College.  While in college he traveled through Africa, Asia and S. America, eventually ending up in Asia teaching English.  After his stint in Asia he moved to Bar Harbor, ME to pursue kayak guiding.

Russ loves to share his joy of kayaking and the beauty of the ocean.  He's a Wilderness First Responder and is a Registered Maine Guide.


Ted Gettinger - Guide

Ted grew up in Rhode Island, spending his summers at camp, learning to love the outdoors.  He attended UNH to study recreation management & policy, as well as business administration.  Durning college Ted participated in a NOLS semester to learn more about sea kayaking, backpacking, and sailing.  

Ted spent much of last winter exploring Asia.  He's looking forward to showing people the outdoors is rewarding, beautiful, humbling and accessible.  He also is a Wilderness First Responder and loves puns.

Emma Carey - guide

Emma grew up exploring beaches and boats in Connecticut before moving to Maine to get her degree in Geography from the University of Southern Maine.  She's kayak guided in Acadia National Park, is an Outward Bound Alumni and has backpacked through the Rockies, Utah, Ecuador, Chile and Patagonia.

Emma loves to share the beauty of our natural environment and always makes sure all of her paddlers has a great time on the water.  She is a Registered Maine Guide and a Wilderness First Responder.


Laurie Millane - Reservations

Laurie is a native born and raised Sconnie, and when she's not in Alaska she calls Wisconsin home.  Over the years she's hiked, camped and paddled the multitude of waterways in Wisconsin finding fun around every corner.

Her ties to Alaska began at three years old when her Native Alaskan sister came to live with her family.  Since then she has always longed to visit The Last Frontier.    The first time she visited Seward she fell in love with the area and has been returning every year since.  Eventually Laurie and her family purchased a business near Seward.  Look for Laurie at the Adventure Center, or out adventuring around Seward!

Mary Kate Groark - Guide

Mary Kate grew up in Alabama and studied at Southern College in Birmingham.  She studied abroad in Italy, the Galapagos and New Zealand and is also a NOLS Alaska alumni.

She has guided hiking, backpacking, climbing trips in California and international student trips in Central America and the Caribbean.  MK loves to climb, backpack and travel and recently went to Potero Chico, Mexico and Cuba.  She loves sharing her passion for the outdoors with everyone she meets.  She's a Wilderness First Responder and is a world renown Egyptian rat screw champion.


Nikki Roda - Guide

Nikki grew up in Mount Shasta, CA and studied at San Jose State University earning a degree in Forensic Science with an emphasis in Chemistry and a minor in Biology. She's an avid climber and traveler. 

Nikki has traveled to Ecuador, Scotland, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia has been all over the Western and Southwestern US skiing, camping, climbing and exploring.  She is a Wilderness First Responder and loves ice cream & chocolate.

Helen Christianson - Guide

Helen also hails from California and she studied at UoC Santa Barbara, earning a degree in Environmental Science and also picked up her SCUBA certification.   

She has lived in California, Chile, Argentina and Hawaii and has traveled throughout Central & South America, Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the US and has spent a lot of time guiding and sailing in California.  She is a Wilderness First Responder, loves to play guitar and has a talent for rock skipping.


Emmy powell - guide

Emmy hails from Atlanta, GA and studied Economics at the University of Manchester which led to teaching physics and math. She has lived in Guatemala and England and has traveled extensively. She developed a love of playing outside in Guatemala.

Emmy has spent lots of time hiking in England's Peak District and the Appalachians. She has guided in Guatemala, volcano trekking and mountain biking. She is also a certified Wilderness First Responder. 

Moira Murphy - Guide

Moira was born in Phoenix, AZ and attended Northeastern University in Boston and studied with the Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College. She's an avid traveler and has visited many areas including Mexico, Central America, Italy, France, and Saint Lucia. 

Moira has guided in Baja California Sur, Mexico, Isla Espiritu Santo NP, Lake Ontario and North Carolina.  She has an extensive leadership background and is a Wilderness First Responder and EMT-B.  She's also excellent at hand stands. 


BriaNna Ramsey - Guide

Brianna was raised in Boston and acquired a degree in Environmental Science from UoM-Amherst. She has traveled all over the world and lived in New Zealand for two years. 

She has guided backpacking and rock climbing trips in Yosemite National Park. Brianna is a Wilderness First Responder, loves riddles and jokes, and is an accomplished Poi spinner.