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 Guided Rental Information

Sunny Cove offers guided rentals for groups of 4 or more who are experienced campers and have their own equipment and wish to save money by providing their own food and gear. In these instances, Sunny Cove provides kayaking equipment and guide service. Please plan on having your own gear. The guided rental is for groups that arrive fully prepared to handle the camping and food preparation of the trip and are relying on us to provide kayaking equipment and local expertise.

Sunny Cove provides the following

1 guide per 6 clients.  Each guide(s) has an extended First Aid Kit, VHF radio, GPS and bear spray.  We encourage groups to bring their own first aid kits, bear spray and radios. 

Kayaking equipment to include - double kayaks, paddle, spray skirt, Personal Flotation Device, pogies (paddling mitts) and rubber boots.  Sunny Cove supports “Leave No Trace” practices and will provide the “wag bag” system for human waste.   

Each participant is provided one 20 or 30 liter, one 10 liter dry bag and rubber boots for use during the trip.

Rental groups are expected to provide the following*:

Camping Equipment

All tents and camping equipment including but not limited to the following items:

  • 3 or 4 Season: Waterproof Tent with Footprint
  • Tarps: We recommend one tarp per tent.  Occasionally we experience heavy rainfall and have learned the rain fly of the tent isn’t always enough. It’s also nice to have a tarp to over your “kitchen”.   
  • Crazy Creek chairs
  • Roll Up Table/Picnic Cloth
  • Water Filtration System: Spare replacement filter (silty water conditions).
  • Water Storage Bags (we use dromedary bags)
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Sleeping bag: We HIGHLY recommend synthetic fill over down fill.  This is a wet environment and down will not insulate when wet.  A 0°-20° degree synthetic bag will work well.  Be sure to pack this into a dry bag during transportation.
  • Cordage/Rope
  • Coolers: These must be soft-sided.  Hard coolers will not fit in the kayaks and cannot be used.

Kitchen Equipment

All food, cooking and kitchen equipment, including but not limited to the following items:

Three Meals, Snacks and Drinks for Each Day of Kayaking
Lighters or Matches
Coffee Pot
Cutting Board                                              
Can Opener
Biodegradable Dish soap
Trash Bags
Hand Sanitizer                                             

Personal Equipment        

All personal gear including, but not limited to:  

Synthetic Shirt and Pants
            Think about layering, light to mid-weight polypro, wool or synthetic materials, rather than utilizing bulky, heavy layers. We generally suggest bringing a layer to wear while paddling, a layer for sleeping (can act as a second paddling layer if necessary) and a third layer as a back-up should one of your first two layers gets wet. Do not pack any cotton layers. Cotton does not dry quickly and will not keep you warm when wet. Even your socks and underwear should be synthetic.

Synthetic Jacket
            This should be a pull-over or full zip polypro, wool or synthetic jacket.

Synthetic T-Shirt
            Hey, there's nothing wrong with being optimistic. If we experience mild, sunny days you'll be grateful you have a t-shirt.

Waterproof Jacket and PantsWaterproof Jacket and Pants:  

             Breathable or Gore-Tex rain gear works well for everyday wear as it is also used for warmth, windbreaker and splash-wear.   For those days where there is more than a drizzle it is extremely important to have rubberized gear.  We have a limited amount of rubberized Helly Hansen Voss rain gear available - please let us know if advance if you would like to reserve this.  There are also several local stores where you can pick up rubberized rain gear in Seward. Skip the inexpensive rain gear or ponchos - it's much easier to enjoy Alaska's liquid sunshine when you're warm and dry. 

            Expect to change your socks often...dry feet are happy feet. Pack one pair for each day of paddling, one pair to sleep in and one pair as back up. Remember, cotton socks will not keep you comfortable. Your socks should be synthetic or wool.

Gloves, Hat, Shoes
            We'll provide pogies to help keep your hands warm, but a pair of inexpensive, neoprene fishing gloves can provide additional warmth. We also recommend a pair of light-weight fleece gloves to wear while in camp.
            An insulated hat will help keep your head warm while paddling or in camp. A brimmed cap (ball cap or visor) is helpful on sunny days or can be combined with the insulated cap if cool and rainy.
            We're going to give you a pair of waterproof, knee-high rubber boots to wear but you may want a pair of shoes to wear in camp. Waterproof or water resistant hiking shoes are a good choice for camp shoes.

Sunglasses, with a strap

Spare Prescription Glasses / Spare Contact Lenses (if needed)

Head Net

Sunscreen, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Lip Balm, Wet Wipes, Bug Repellant. Odor free if possible, we'll be camping in bear country.  We suggest you store all toiletries in a gallon Ziploc bag with your name written on it. We'll keep this bag in the bear box at camp.

Large Water Bottle

Pocket Knife

Head Lamp and Batteries

Toilet Paper and Lighter. Store these in a gallon sized Ziploc bag.

Personal First Aid Kit 

Camera with Spare Batteries and Storage Cards. You're going to want to take LOTS of pictures. We'll make sure you have a dry bag to store your camera and other items you may need while paddling.

Reading Material

Journal and Pen


*Please keep in mind all of this equipment will need to fit inside of the hatches of our expedition sea kayaks.  Whenever possible items should be compact and fit into soft sided, waterproof bags.

Client Information Form

A client-information form is required from all participants four weeks prior to our departure date. The information requested in this form will help your guides accommodate any special food or medical needs.  Your guide will attempt to contact you approximately three to four weeks prior to your paddling adventure. However, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Kayaking in Remote Locations


Due to the remote nature of kayaking in Kenai Fjords National Park, if you have a known medical condition which could result in any of the following you will be required to carry specific medications.  Please bring these medications with you to your pre-trip meeting.


Medications: Epi Pen, Prednisone


Medications: Epi Pen, physician prescribed inhaler, Prednisone.


Medications: As prescribed by a physician.


Medications: As prescribed by a physician.


Medications: As prescribed by a physician.

Location Accessibility 


Aialik Bay is only accessible by boat and is approximately 55 miles from Seward.  There is a ranger station one-half mile south of Coleman Bay. Wind, williwaws and chopping waves can occur on weather days. If available, the Park rangers may be contacted on VHF 16.  There are several tour boats that run into Aialik Bay daily (based on weather/tour operated that specific day, although no commercial boats in the evening hours. The closest medical facility is Providence Hospital in Seward but you may be referred to Anchorage for critical care. Anchorage is accessible by road/helicopter or plane from mainland Seward and is 130 miles north. There are a number of days each season when weather prevents boats and air transport in and out of Aialik Bay.


Northwestern Fjord is only accessible by boat and is approximately 75 miles from Seward.  Wind, williwaws and chopping waves can occur on weather days. There are two tour boats that run into Northwestern Fjord daily (based on weather/tour operated that specific day, although no commercial boats in the evening hours. The closest medical facility is Providence Hospital in Seward but you may be referred to Anchorage for critical care. Anchorage is accessible by road/helicopter or plane from mainland Seward and is 130 miles north. There are a number of days each season when weather prevents boats and air transport in and out of Northwestern Fjord.

Cancelation Policies


All multi-day tours require a 50% deposit at the time of booking with the balance due 30 days prior to tour departure. If you cancel the reservation more than 30 days prior to the departure date you will receive a refund, less a 3% credit card processing fee.  If you cancel the trip within 30 days of the departure date there is no refund. If for any reason you do not arrive prior to the boat departure on the trip date there will be no refund.


Access to Aialik Bay / Northwestern Fjords in Kenai Fjords National Park requires rounding one or more capes and exposure to the Gulf of Alaska.  Although trips are rarely cancelled there is the possibility of a delay or rerouted trip due to rough seas and wind conditions. Weather modifications will be left to the discretion of Sunny Cove and the water taxi operator based upon field experience.

Please plan your travels to allow a buffer day to reschedule a departure due to rough seas or in the event a water taxi pick-up is delayed due to bad weather.

There will be no refund or pro-rated fees for trip starts or pick-ups that are delayed or altered due to weather. If weather prohibits the trip from getting outside of Resurrection Bay and instead becomes a multi-day trip inside the bay, we will refund the difference of the two tours.  We will paddle rain or shine so please come prepared.

Sunny Cove highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance for all your Alaskan travels. We will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by you in preparation for the trip including airfare, lodging, travel expenses, and other expenditures. 


Sunny Cove is proud to employ some of the best guides in the industry.  Our kayaking guides enjoy sharing this beautiful place with you and strive to make each kayak tour unique and fun.  If you feel your guide made your time on the water more enjoyable please express your thanks with a tip – this is greatly appreciated by your guide.  General rule of thumb for the adventure industry is 10-20%.  We would appreciate if you would tip your guide directly.