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General Information
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Permanent Address *
Permanent Address
This is where we will mail your tax forms in January.
Are you planning on living in our communal, co-ed staff housing? *
Summer Address
Summer Address
Only needs to be completed if you are living outside of Sunny Cove housing.
Arrival Date *
Arrival Date
Anticipated Departure Date *
Anticipated Departure Date
A reasonable guess is fine. Staff members are expected to stay through September 10th unless other arrangements have been made.
Birth Date *
Birth Date
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Cell Number
Medical Information
-please list.
License/Certification Information
-last 5 years.
Do you have a Wilderness First Responder Certification? *
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WFR Expiration Date
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Expiration Date
Expiration Date
Expiration Date
Expiration Date
Personal Information
Will you be bringing a vehicle? *
*Trainees may skip this question.
Website Biography Info
We'll use this info to add a short biography about you to our website. Don't hesitate to be yourself with your words! ;)
Formal and informal, life lessons count!
Tell us what types of trips and where, whether fun or professional.
What do you want to learn? What experiences do you want to share?
Are you an ice cream addict? A professional tight rope walker? Do you tell the best jokes?
Emergency Information
Emergency Contact Address *
Emergency Contact Address
Emergency Contact Home Phone *
Emergency Contact Home Phone
Emergency Contact Cell Phone *
Emergency Contact Cell Phone
In case of emergency, I authorize Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking and Alaska Collection to release the above medical information to medical personnel. *
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Please email a large format photo of you having FUN once this form has submitted.  Ideally the photo should show your face clearly.  Thank you!