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Off Season Fun: Ski Season

Summer season is just around the corner, but it is not too late to check in and see what Andrew has been up to this winter! Always the handyman, Andrew spent some time working on his roofing and farming skills before taking some time to explore Yosemite, southern Utah, the famous "wave" in Arizona, and Owens Valley. 

Eventually Andrew ended up in Telluride, Colorado where he spent the winter working as a ski instructor teaching 3-14 year old kids the skill of alpine skiing. In his free time, Andrew could be found skiing and snowboarding the Rockies and making beautiful artistic shapes with yellow snow. With the winter season winding down, Andrew is super stoked to get back up to Alaska and hopes to see you on the water!


Sunny Cove Comes Under New Ownership*

Sunny Cove Comes Under New Ownership*

John Page came to Alaska a young man over 30 years ago and has made his impact felt in Seward since 1996 as the owner of Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking. He and his wife Kat have been a staple in this community over the years as they have built this small company from the ground up to the successful operation it is today. So it is bittersweet emotion that we announce that John and Kat Page have officially sold Sunny Cove to focus on the next chapter of their lives. From John himself, "When I broke my femur last year rollerblading, it was a wake up call. I remember laying in that ditch thinking a bear could come around the corner and I would be easy prey. As Kat and I enter the last few years of our lives, we felt it was time to turn the reigns over to some new energy and spend our summers living out our dream visiting a Bed and Breakfast in all 50 states. Alaska will always be home and please know Sunny Cove will be in good hands."

We are excited for John and Kat to embark on their next adventure together and even more excited to announce the new owner of Sunny Cove. You may recognize his name from Hollywood as the star of the Mummy movies...none other than Brendan Fraser! Brendan first visited Sunny Cove two years ago and has maintained a solid friendship with one of our guides. After falling in love with The Last Frontier, Brendan was looking for an opportunity to spend part of the year up here and when he found out John and Kat were selling, he jumped at the idea of being part of our family. We are excited to bring him on board and he has big ideas that we will be sharing over the next few weeks. One awesome note for Seward is that he is currently in talks to possibly shoot the next Mummy sequel right here in our back yard. If you book a trip with us this summer, there's a chance you could be an extra in the movie! 

We will miss John and Kat greatly, but are excited for this new chapter in Sunny Cove's life. See you all on the water!

~ Danny

*Happy April Fools Everyone!

Off Season Fun: Aloha Hawai'i

Part two of checking in on what our guides have been up to this winter... let's take a look at what Kat has been up to!

Now something you should know about Kat is that when she first moved to Alaska last summer, she got off the plane jobless, hitchhiked her way to Seward, found a job with Sunny Cove, and bought an old used mini van that she lived out of all summer long. So you could say she is a bit of a risk taker with an adventurous spirit which is why we love her and that same spirit has led her on some fantastic winter adventures. 

Eva the Dog

Eva the Dog

Kat stuck around Alaska a bit to explore the Denali wilderness and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. And then she said, its time to head somewhere warm again and took off to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Jobless and homeless once again, Kat was not deterred and within two weeks found a house, a car, and a job working with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. On top of that, Kat welcomed a new family member into her life. We call her Eva the dog because her name is Eva and well, she is a dog. Kat spent three months out in Hawai'i where she hiked the Napali Coast Trail before moving back to New Jersey to help plan her sister's wedding and is anxiously awaiting her return trip to Seward to be back on the water. She hopes to see you there!

Off Season Fun: Ragnar Florida Keys

We have a great crew of guides ready to roll this summer! But we often get asked what we do during the off season so we thought we would share some stories and experiences of what some of our returning guides have been doing to pass the time while they are away for the winter. Here's what crazy thing Danny did this past weekend...

196 miles...that is the distance from Miami to Key West, Florida. For any runners out there you may have heard of the Ragnar Relay Series and I totally recommend running one. Ragnar is a long distance relay race you do with a group of 12 people and a bunch of my friends just spent last weekend taking turns running from Miami to Key West. Each runner runs 3 legs of the relay along the way and our crew took 30 hours to complete the feat. I was the lucky one who got to run over the 7 mile bridge! Unable to walk the next day, our crew lounged pool side in Key West eating chocolate covered key lime pie and asking ourselves why in the world did we just do that to ourselves :-) All in all, not a bad way to stay in shape for kayak season and spend a weekend in sunny Florida while the rest of the country deals with blizzards and freezing temperatures! 

But make no mistake, I'm ready to be back in Alaska and excited that summer is just around the corner! 


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We're looking forward to another amazing season!  

Seward Spotlight – Harbor Opening

Seward Harbor

Seward Harbor Opening Weekend (SHOW) is a local tradition in Seward that symbolically kicks off the outdoor season.
Activities include a boat parade, fishing derbies, and an open house on the US Coast Guard Cutter Mustang. You can also take a boat tour out in Resurrection Bay to watch the annual migration of the Humpback Whales as they return from Hawai’i. As we are sadly getting ready to conclude our summer season in 2014, keep a lookout for the Harbor Opening date in 2015 (typically mid-May) as it signifies the return of kayak season in Seward!

~ Danny

Trip Spotlight – Guided Sea Kayak Camping Adventures

Sunny Cove offers guided rentals for all of our overnight trips. These trips are offered for groups of four or more who are experienced campers, have their own camping equipment and wish to save money. Sunny Cove provides all kayaking equipment and guides for these trips while you provide all cooking, camping and personal gear.

Hey, less work for us guides! But you’ll still get to enjoy the company of your guide who will love to share information about the geology, history, wildlife, and ecology of our surroundings while providing a safe atmosphere for kayaking.

These trips require a lot of planning and coordination so put this on your radar for next summer!

This is the last post of our trip spotlights for the summer. Hope you enjoyed learning about them and hope to see on the water with us!