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Trip Spotlight – Kenai Fjords National Park Kayak Camping Adventure: Northwestern Fjord

Paddling in Northwestern Fjord
Remote, pristine and rarely visited, Northwestern Fjord in Kenai Fjords National Park is truly one of the world's most remarkable sea kayaking destinations. Kayak amidst icebergs and seals while watching tidewater glaciers calve into protected waters. This stunning location is all the more dramatic and rare due to the relatively recent glacial retreat. The areas we paddle were under a mile of ice as recently as the early 1900's. Available as a three, four or five day adventure.

I had the privilege to guide a 5 day trip to Northwestern and this is as remote as it gets. The trip was full of wildlife and glacier calving. We even paddled past several black bear that were patrolling the shoreline. If you want true, pure isolation, this trip is calling your name.

These trips require a lot of planning and coordination so put this on your radar for next summer!