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Trip Spotlight – Caines Head Kayak Camping Exploration

World War II Bunker on the top of Caines Head

This 3-day, 2-night trip originates at Lowell Point and overnights at Caines Head State Recreation Area. This is a beautiful, historically important, area that offers encounters with numerous species of wildlife from sea otters and sea lions to bald eagles and sea birds. Trails at Caines Head and Derby Cove provide spectacular views of Resurrection Bay and the North Coast of the Gulf of Alaska. Caines Head provides a fun combination of hiking and kayaking at a budget price.

Caines Head is a popular spot among tourists and going on the kayak camping exploration trip allows our guests to enjoy the area without the rush to get back to Seward in one day. Once camp is set up, there’s a ton of options to keep your group busy exploring Caines Head State Recreation Area.