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Seward Spotlight – Lowell Point

Lowell Point
Lowell Point sits a few miles outside Seward and is where Sunny Cove launches most of our trips from. Home to a small eclectic group of people including your lovely Sunny Cove kayak guides, Lowell Point is a beautiful place I like to hang out and take in the scenery of Resurrection Bay. You will have great views of Fox Island, Caines Head, and Tonsina Beach while relaxing on the Lowell Point beach.

Lowell Point was named after Frank and Mary Lowell who settled here in the late 1800s. Frank grew up in Maine and left when he was only 15 to gain experience on the water and eventually landed in Alaska. He met Mary who was from the native village of English Bay and the two of them settled on the shores of Resurrection Bay after an influenza epidemic and volcanic ash forced them to leave English Bay. The couple had 8 or 9 children and several land features are named after the Lowell Family in the Seward area.

~ Danny