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Wildlife Spotlight - North Pacific Humpback Whale

Whales! The jackpot for tourists in Alaska (unless you are a birder of course - no offense). It's easy to come to Alaska and board a large touring boat to get a glimpse of these beautiful creatures, but nothing beats seeing one from a kayak at water level. Obviously we can't guarantee you will be able to see a whale during a kayak tour (odds are actually stacked against you), but that is what makes the sighting so much more enjoyable when it does occur. When your guide, who is on the water everyday, gets as excited as we do when we are privileged to see one of these marine mammals, you know it is a special event.

In our parts of Alaska, the most common whale you will see in the North Pacific Humpback Whale. Fully grown, they will be 40-50 feet in length and weight nearly 80,000 pounds. Summers are great for viewing humpbacks as they come to Alaska to feed on plentiful food source that makes up these waters. By the time autumn rolls around, these animals migrate to Hawai'i for the winter in order to have their young and breed. But with no real food source for them in those warmer waters, they will be back at the end of spring which can make kayaking in Alaska a wonderful experience. The first time I saw a humpback whale was from a kayak and it is an experience I will never forget!

~ Danny