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Trip Spotlight – Fox Island Afternoon Kayaking

Enjoy an afternoon escape to Fox Island where you'll be treated to a wonderful lunch and a spectacular paddle. Watch for puffins and seals as you explore the rocky coves of Fox Island. This tour includes a one-hour morning wildlife cruise to Fox Island, and a full salmon & prime rib buffet, followed by kayaking instruction and approximately 2.5 hours of kayaking. Children 8 and up are welcome to kayak this excursion with an adult in our two person kayaks.

My most memorable trip last came on this paddle last summer. Our group was leaving Halibut Cove when we spotted not one, not two, but three separate whale sightings at the same time. We were in the middle of a triangle of two pods of killer whales and a lone humpback whale. Whales were all around us and we just sat back and enjoyed the show! One pod of orcas literally swam under our kayaks as they traveled out of the cove. I will never forget that awesome experience!