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Trip Spotlight – Caines Head Kayak and Hike Combination Trip

Entrance to Fort McGilvray
Experience the beauty of Resurrection Bay and its plentiful marine life on our kayaking excursion from Lowell Point State Recreation Site to Caines Head State Recreation Area. Enjoy a beach side lunch and if the weather permits, a hike up to an abandoned World War II subterranean fort overlooking Resurrection Bay. This is a great opportunity to combine both hiking and paddling for those looking for adventure. This is an active day requiring up to 10 miles of paddling and five miles of hiking. This excursion includes lunch, beverages and snacks.

Inside Fort McGilvray
As a person who loves learning about history, this is my favorite trip to guide in terms of sharing knowledge about the fascinating history of World War II in Alaska. You want to be in shape for this trip as it is a very active day and there is no guarantee of making it up to the actual fort (Fort McGilvray). But if weather or time doesn’t allow, there are plenty of stops along the coast line that make this all day adventure worth the time.