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Staff Spotlight - Tyler Lueders

Ever heard of Simsbury, Connecticut? Me neither! But I can tell you it exists because that is the hometown of one of our guides, Tyler. Tyler is a former white water rafting guide who left the rapids to join us for some ocean paddling. Of all the Leuders family from Connecticut who now live in Alaska and guide kayak tours, Tyler is the most well known which his why you should read below to get to know a little bit more about him!

Favorite Food: Raw salmon

Favorite Movie: Super Size Me

Favorite Book: Monkey Wrench Gang

Favorite TV Show: TV rots your soul!

Best Alaskan Experience: Yearning for an abundance of life that seems to be absent in the lower 48.

Best Life Experience: Spending 6 months in the wilderness throughout New Mexico and the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Making a real connection to the natural world and realizing that is the only option for me to lead a fulfilling life.

Number One Item on Bucket List: To bite into a live salmon.

NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Alum
Bachelor Degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Wilderness EMT
Snowboard Instructor Level 1 certification

Why you love to guide: To connect people to the natural world in which they come from, to transcend the bounds of cultural and technological structure in today's society.

Personal Statement: Well I'm still walking so I'm sure I could dance.

Words to live by:
To be an environmentalist is to have compassion for all living things.