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Staff Spotlight - Connor O'Quinn

Connor is a first year guide who hails from Texas. When Connor was told that Texas actually isn't the largest state in the United States, he was dumbfounded and after going through a short period of depression, he decided to visit the state that is over twice the size of Texas to see what the big deal was. Meet Connor!

Favorite Food: Chocolate chip cookie dough/health bar ice cream shake

Favorite Movie: Three Amigos

Favorite Book: Sidartha

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld/Planet Earth

Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys

Number One Item on Bucket List: Play in a bluegrass band on top of a mountain.

Best Alaskan Experience: Driving from Texas to Alaska to arrive in McCarthy just on time for their Alaskan Brewing Company party at the general store. The next day we hiked down the glacier fed river. There we met a little red fox who then proceeded to guide us back to camp, waiting for us every time we fell behind.

Bachelor Degree in Recreation Administration
Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
LNT (Leave No Trace) Instructor

Why You Love to Guide: When I was a kid I attended an adventure camp called Outpost Wilderness Adventure. I was so inspired by my guides knowledge and appreciation of the outdoors and willingness to teach others that I decided I wanted to be a guide of sorts some day. I love guiding because I have a chance to be that same inspiration that my guides were to me, to someone else. Inspiring others and getting them excited abo
ut the awesomeness of the outdoors is what I enjoy most about being a guide.

Personal Statement: Don't get an iPhone.