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Staff Spotlight - Andrew Giacomelli

Andrew is a super goofy, guitar playin', goat wranglin', joke makin', fun lovin', egg eatin', truck drivin', Latin memorizin', kayak paddlin', tree climbin', garden growin', VHS ownin', object throwin' son of his mom (and dad). Meet Andrew!

Hometown: Sebastopol, California

Favorite Food: Anything with an over easy egg on top

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park and The Big Lebowski

Favorite TV Show: 49ers football!

Favorite Book: Forest Giants of the Pacific Northwest

Favorite Sports Team: San Francisco Giants and 49ers

Best Life Experience: Every day!

Best Alaskan Experience: Ocean, temperate rainforest, glaciers, mountains, fjords, moose, Orcas, the Grizzles

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Marine/Coastal Ecology and Outdoor Education

Number One Item on Bucket List: Owning a piece of land to get away from the world with my friends and family

Why you love to guide: To open up the world and to foster respect, love, and care for the environment in which we live to folks of all backgrounds

Personal Statement: I am me and we are all together..... Goo goo ga joob