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Seward Spotlight – Polar Bear Jump-Off

How would you like to get really, really cold for a good cause? Since 1986, people who can only be classified as out of their mind will plunge into the near-freezing waters of Resurrection Bay right here in Seward at the annual Polar Bear Jump-Off. Oh, and did I mention this happens in January? In Alaska... Where it is known to be cold. Yeah. I’ve jumped in these waters on 80 degree summer days and it is painfully cold then! Extremely impressed with the people who partake in this event.
Polar Bear Jump-Off

Why would someone do something crazy like that you may ask? Great question! The Polar Bear Jump-Off partners with the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer patients and their families aiding in the mission to eliminate cancer. So you can raise funds and jump in yourself or if jumping in 40 degree water in the middle of winter while the temperature is below freezing does not sound like a good time to you (normal as I like to call it), then you can still support those who are brave enough to take this plunge and help raise money for a great cause.  

~ Danny