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Literature Spotlight – The Ocean of Life: The Fate of Man and the Sea

My father is a marine biologist and my first job in high school was helping raise fish at the local fish hatchery he worked at in northern Indiana. Ever since, I’ve always enjoyed learning more about the marine environment which is why I thoroughly enjoyed Callum Roberts’ The Ocean of Life. Roberts is one of the world’s foremost conservation marine biologists and writes an incredibly detailed literary piece on the relationship between mankind and the sea. 

Touching on the topics of history, fishing, climate change, water quality, noise, animal life, and plastic and other trash found in the oceans, you take away a breadth of knowledge and understand why Roberts is an expert in the field. At Sunny Cove, we value our relationship with the water in which we work on and I highly encourage you to read this book and share with others what you learn as a means to help the world understand the importance of our oceans and what we need to do to protect them.