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Literature Spotlight – Into the Wild

As a person with an adventurous spirit trying to find my way in life, Into the Wild struck a chord with me as I read about the life and death of Christopher McCandless. McCandless was found dead in an abandoned bus out in the Alaskan wilderness. Author Jon Krakauer retraced the events that led McCandless to his death and wrote an article about the story that he later expanded into this non-fiction work. Many of you may be familiar with this story as it was adapted to film in 2007.

This book planted the seed of curiosity about what drew McCandless to Alaska and played a huge role in my life in the journey that eventually brought me to the Last Frontier state. Before I had even set foot in Alaska, I felt the place calling my name and this book served as the introduction to what I have learned thus far about this beautiful place. If you enjoy this book, I highly recommend Into This Air, also written by Krakauer, which documents his trek up Mount Everest during the 1996 disaster that killed several climbers he was with.

~ Danny