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Literature Spotlight - A Crisis of Climate

Climate change is a fact of life and has been occurring since the formation of Earth. However, manmade climate change has been a hotly contested debate since the Age of Environmentalism began in America. Patrick Allitt's work, A Climate of Crisis, takes a close look at the history of the environmental movement in the United States and is a fantastic read for anyone who is a fan of both history and environmental issues.

The environmental movement began during World War II after the effects of nuclear fallout was made public. Even since, our country has waged debates on a variety of topics including the use of nuclear weapons, energy consumption, pollution, endangered species, fossil fuels, oil pipelines, ecotourism, the list goes on and on. This book focuses on both sides of the debate and follows along closely with the political landscape on these issues over the past several decades. Regardless of your viewpoints, I hope we can all agree that we are stewards of a beautiful planet and this is a great read for anyone wanting to become more educated on these issues that many of us find extremely important. Enjoy!

~ Danny