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History Spotlight - Mount Marathon Race

Today is the day of the big race! Wishing safe travels up and down the mountain to all runners today. I wrote a little bit about the race earlier this week, but here is some historic information that got it all started.
Running down the mountain

In the beginning, there was a bar. And at this bar, they had beer. And this beer found its way into a couple of men. And one man said to the other man, "I bet I could run up to the top of that mountain and back in an hour." And the other man said, "I'll take that bet!" And off he went. 80 minutes later the man returned and having lost the bet, bought a round of beer for the bar crowd.

And thus began the intrigue of the Mount Marathon hour challenge. This was the early 1900s and with Seward being a major port town, each incoming ship had someone who wanted to beat the hour time frame. Eventually in 1915, this became an organized event and the Mount Marathon Race was born. Today, the 4th of July is the day Seward is at its busiest as people from all over the world come to participate and watch the 2nd oldest footrace in the United States behind the Boston Marathon. Happy race day!

~ Danny