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History Spotlight - The Alaskan Flag

In 1926, the territory of Alaska held a competition between 7th-12th graders to create a design that would become the official flag of Alaska. A 7th grader, Benny Benson, from our very own town of Seward created the artwork that would be remembered forever as it was selected as the winner of the competition.

Benson's flag has a blue background with the Big Dipper pointing up to the North Star. Benson said the blue background signified both the Alaskan sky as well as the blue Forget-me-not flower (state flower of Alaska). The Big Dipper (aka Ursa Major or Big Bear) represented the strength of Alaska while the North Star showed the significance of Alaska as the northern most point in the United States of America. Quite impressive work from a 7th grader!

~ Danny