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A Day in the Life of a Guide: Seasonal Guide Lingo

With a short summer season up in Alaska, all of our guides are seasonal workers and head off to do other things in the winter. When talking to a seasonal worker, you may get confused by their vocabulary so here are a few definitions for you to ensure your conversation with a seasonal guide is a pleasant experience.

Off Season (awf see-zuh n) noun: A period of time after one's current seasonal job is over. Can be confusing as seasonal workers will work during the off season. When they start working during the off season, their off season changes to the season they were just working. Following along? Used in a sentence: Where do you go in the off season? 

Winter/Summer (win-ter/suhm-er) noun: A period of time in which one works an entire seasonal position. Do not confuse these terms with seasons of the year referring to weather. Used in a sentence: What do you plan to do in the winter?

CoolWorks (kool works) noun: A popular website where many seasonal work positions are posted. Used in a sentence: Find anything good on Cool Works lately?

Weekend (week-end) noun: A period of time in which one has days off work. Not to be confused with Saturday/Sunday for most working folk. Those weekends are usually the busiest days for seasonal workers. When it is busy season, a weekend could be just one day a week. Used in a sentence: What days are your weekend?

Tipped Out (tipped out) noun: The act of receiving an amount of money given directly to someone for performing a service or task; aka gratuity. Seasonal workers do what they do for the love of their job or place of employment; definitely not the paycheck. Tips are how many seasonal workers pay their bills. Used in a sentence: What did you get tipped out today?

So next time you are out on a guided trip with a seasonal worker, use these words to impress them with an understanding of their vernacular. And of course, don't forget to tip them out :-)

~ Danny