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Wildlife Spotlight: The Barnacle!

While kayaking along our shores, you will see a layer of white near the water's edge. Upon closer examination, you will see that what makes this white layer are several small organisms called barnacles.
Many of you may be familiar with the barnacle as there are over 1,200 known species in existence today. Here is Resurrection Bay, you can easily find barnacles along rocky shores at the top of the intertidal zone. Barnacles are encrusters which means they attach themselves permanently to a hard surface. Barnacles are surrounded by a shell which helps them absorb water and not dry out when the tide is low. And the most fascinating aspect of the barnacle which you should all share with your friends is this: Proportion to their body size, barnacles have the largest penis in the animal kingdom! Up to 20 times the size of its body! You are welcome.

~ Danny