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Trip Spotlight – Kenai Fjords National Park Grand Day Tour: Whale Watching, Tidewater Glacier Viewing, and Sea Kayaking

Searching for that up-close and personal Alaska whale watching, tidewater glacier viewing and sea kayaking experience, but don't have the time for our kayak camping adventures? This is the trip for you!
In front of Holgate Glacier

We are the only kayak company providing a tour to Holgate Glacier; a remote tidewater glacier in Aialik Bay. Our morning starts with a wildlife tour aboard our local charter boat. Your captain will transport you to Aialik Bay with stops along the way to view wildlife. You may see whales, harbor seals, Steller sea lions, tufted and horned puffins, bald eagle, Dall porpoise, orca and more.

Upon reaching Aialik Bay we will launch our kayaks and paddle amidst some of the most spectacular scenery coastal Alaska has to offer. As we kayak through 'bergy bits and growlers' and blue-green sea water, we'll bring you as close as 1/2 mile from a towering glacier. Crackling ice, tidewater glaciers and wildlife encounters will bedazzle your senses as we spend the afternoon paddling. This excursion includes lunch, beverages and snacks. Children 8 and up are welcome to paddle with an adult in our two person kayaks.

Paddling through bergy bits
Love, love, love guiding our Grand Day trips! When you get up near the glacier and see the ice calve off into the ocean, it sounds like a thunderstorm when the ice hits the water and reminds me of my former summer days in Florida. And the dense glacier ice appears majestic deep blue to the eye. You will be paddling through smaller ice bergs and bergy bits that have never seen human interaction. These glaciers have been retreating heavily over the past century so there’s no time like the present to get a glimpse of nature at its finest. ~Danny