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Seward Spotlight – Climate

Seward has a humid subarctic continental climate with cool summers and no dry season. Because of the amount of precipitation it receives, Seward is considered to be a temperate rain forest.
Beautiful Days with Beautiful Weather in Seward

September sees the highest amount of rain at almost 10 inches! July and August are the warmest months with an average high of 62 degrees and January is the coolest month with an average high of 29 degrees. Due to the northern latitude of Seward, you will be graced with 19 hours of daylight at the summer solstice which is great for long, active days! 

Last summer around this time, Seward set a record high with a high of 88 degrees! That made this Florida guy smile a bit as it was also my birthday and I got to celebrate like I was back in Orlando! 

~ Danny