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Literature Spotlight – The Thousand-Mile War: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians

One of our kayak trips is our Caines Head Kayak & Hike Tour where we paddle to Caines Head and hike up to Fort McGilvray which is an old World War II fortification. In order to talk to our guests about the history involved here and based out of my own curiosity, I picked up and read The Thousand-Mile War which accounts the history of World War II in Alaska. By far one of my favorite reads!

Little known even now, Alaska has quite the remarkable history when it comes to World War II. Kept a secret at the time, the Japanese, worried we would use Alaska as a staging point to attack Japan, invaded and occupied American soil in the Aleutian Island chain. The United States, worried the Japanese would use Alaska as a staging point to attack the west coast, fought back. This incredibly detailed work chronicles the courage and bravery of the men who took part of the Aleutian Island campaign. Battling not only the enemy, but the unimaginable weather seen in this part of Alaska, this is a great read for lovers of both history and stories of valor and heroism. If you have been to Caines Head with us or are planning to take a trip (which we highly recommend), reading this will provide you with extra appreciation for what took place in Alaska during World War II.    ~Danny