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History Spotlight - Lowell Family Settles in Resurrection Bay

If we have had the pleasure of having you on one of our trips, you probably are familiar with Lowell Point. This small area of land is about 2 miles south of Seward and is where Sunny Cove launches many of its trips that paddle out in Resurrection Bay. Lowell Point is named after Frank and Mary Lowell; their family was the first group of settlers to homestead in what is now Seward.

Picture taken from Lowell Point
Frank was a boat captain from Maine who made his way to Alaska to get involved with the fur trading business. Frank met and married Mary who was a local half native woman from the village of English Bay. After a nearby volcano erupted, English Bay was decimated from the ash and tidal waves caused by the volcano and so Frank and Mary moved and settled in Resurrection Bay in 1884 where they raised a large family of 8-9 children. Several of the surrounding land features around Seward are named after this family.

~ Danny