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History Spotlight - Klondike Gold Rush

Gold Prospectors carrying gear through treacherous terrain 
If you have been following our history spotlight posts, you will remember that when Alaska was purchased in 1867, the American public was not thrilled about tax payer money being spend on a frozen wasteland. But on August 16, 1896, that started to change with the discovery of gold in the Yukon area near the United States/Canada border.

Over the next four years, over 100,000 prospectors made the journey to the region in what became known as the Klondike Gold Rush. Unfortunately for most, the terrain and weather proved too much with roughly only 4,000 prospectors striking gold. When gold was discovered in Nome, Alaska a few years later, most gave up on the treacherous journey that made up the Klondike Gold Rush. While a failure for many, the discovery of gold in Alaska was the beginning of understanding how rich Alaska was in natural resources and Alaska would never again be referred to
as Seward's Folly.

~ Danny