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A Day in the Life of a Guide: Kayak Camping

Colin paddling in front a glacier
We guides are privileged to get paid to do what our guests pay money to enjoy. But don't think for one second that hard work is not involved! Take our kayak camping trips for example: Colin and I recently guided a 6 day kayak camping adventure to remote Northwestern Fjord. Preparing for this type of trip takes a full day itself and includes prepping and testing gear, preparing and organizing meals, and meeting with our guests to review the trip.

Once in the field, an average days consists of waking up around 6am to get coffee and breakfast ready, preparing lunch to take on our day's route, kayaking for several hours, getting dinner ready, and cleaning dishes and putting all smellables in the bear box. We probably wrapped up and got some down time around 11pm each night. Just enough time to take a break, catch a few Zzzzs and do it all again the next day. And this is all followed by a full day of cleaning up, washing dishes, and drying gear after the trip is over. But even with all that goes into making these trips memorable for our guests, pretty sure our guides wouldn't trade in the experience for anything as the rewards are in the breathtaking scenery and wildlife we encounter in places that very few will ever see.

~ Danny