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A Day in the Life of a Guide: Fox Island

Fox Island gear shed
Sunny Cove offers trips out of several locations and my personal favorite spot to be is Fox Island.
Fox Island is about 12 miles out from Seward and our guides loving getting out to the island for a bit. If we are scheduled for trips on the island, we hop on one of the Kenai Fjords Tours (KFT) boats and get dropped off with our guests on the island. KFT has a day and overnight lodge on the island and Sunny Cove partners with them to get to and from the island. After our trips are over, our guests board a later boat and head back to Seward. As for the guides, we usually stay out for several days before heading back to town. For guides who love the remoteness of Alaska like I do, Fox Island is the perfect getaway and I always look forward to spending time at my favorite spot to guide.

~ Danny