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Spring Magic

Sun, Sun, Sunny ... It's been a remarkable spring. The abundance of sunshine and unseasonably warm weather has made for one of the nicest AK springs I've ever experienced.

While wonderful,  days like this create challenges ... today we had planned to order equipment and do some spring cleaning. Nature called.  Fortunately days are getting longer (5 minutes each day) which helps provide the energy to do a paddle and still get your work done.

Everywhere in Seward you can feel the increase in energy and activity as people embrace spring and the upcoming summer season.

Our fisher friends are mending nets and preparing their boats for season. On the water we've seen an increase in bait fish, sea lions,  humpback and orca whales. The animals know we've got an early spring happening and they're making the best of it.

Seward came alive by kicking off the first Friday art walk with record attendance. It was fun reconnecting with friends and welcoming winter travelers back to town. 

At Sunny Cove we're easing into season moving kayaks out of storage but still taking time to enjoy the sunset. We look forward to seeing you. It's going to be a good summer.