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Introducing a Brand New Trip this Summer!

Testing the new underwater kayak

If you’ve been following the latest trends in kayaking, there has been a new design in development for an underwater kayak. Combining dry suit technology with a clear polystyrene outer shell that keeps you dry, these kayaks use a weighted submersion method similar to what is used by scuba divers to allow paddles to safely descend up to 60 feet underwater.

These kayaks are being tested this summer and

Sunny Cove

was selected as one of the only 10 sites to test out and provide feedback on the new design that could potentially change kayaking forever. Sunny Cove was chosen due to our location running trips in a fjord. Fjords were carved out by glaciers and so often time our coast line is a vertical drop which provides the perfect location for testing out underwater kayaks near the shore. One of the things we are most excited about is being able to watch and understand the way in which puffins and other diving seabirds forage for food while underwater.

If you want to be one of the first people ever to try out one of these underwater kayaks and provide feedback, space is going to be extremely limited on these trips over the summer so here are four tips to give you the best chance at earning a spot.

  • First, check our website every Friday for updated information.
  • Second, put a positive review for us down on Trip Advisor if you have kayaked with us previously. Priority will be given to return guests.
  • Third, like us and follow us on facebook! We will be doing a lottery for a free trip for two in an underwater kayak through our facebook page.
  • Fourth, retweet something we post on twitter! We will also be giving away a free trip this way.

We are looking forward to trying out these new kayaks this summer and if you don't get in on one of these trips, we hope you will join us for one of our several other trip options! Bon Voyage and happy April 1st :-)

~ Danny