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Wildlife Spotlight: Sea Stars!

Ochre Sea Star
What does this picture look like? Did you guess a starfish? Good job! Technically this organism is not a fish so the scientific term for these creatures are sea stars. And sea stars are very prevalent along the coast here in Alaska.

Sea stars live in the intertidal zone. The intertidal zone is the area along the shore that fluctuates between high tide and low tide. You will find sea stars in the lower end of the intertidal zone as they prefer to spend most of their time under water. Most sea stars have five arms, but some such as the sunflower sea star can grow up to 24 arms! The shores along Fox Island are home to many different species of sea stars. If you are looking to checkout these incredible creatures, just make sure to book a trip during a low tide.

~ Danny

Group of sea stars exposed during low tide

Leather Sea Star