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What Do Our Guides Do on a Day Off?

Ice as far as thee can see on the Harding Icefield
We had a lovely weather system move in last night that had us all waking up to wind, rain, and rough seas. Not a good day for kayaking so unfortunately we had to postpone our trips for the day. Sad faces all around for our staff of sea kayak guides who couldn't get out and sea kayak. But that begs the question: What do our guides do on their days off?

Well, truth be told, many of us kayak on our days off as well. But when that is not an option, hiking is a good alternative. Andria and I have been waiting for a day off together to hike the Harding Icefield Trail and today was the perfect opportunity. The trail follows up along Exit Glacier within Kenai Fjords National Park and ends with an awe-inspiring vista of a sheet of ice that encompasses 300 square miles. If you thought catching a glimpse of your first glacier was awesome, this trek needs to be on your bucket list. Even with some sketchy weather today that gave us limited visibility, the sight is still something to behold. It made the 8 mile round trip that left us soaking wet from head to toe well worth the effort.
Summit picture
Next time you hit up Seward, we'd love to have you join us on the water, but also be sure to take some time to see the ice. And if you are worried about the strenuous nature of the hike, there's a shorter route that will take you right up to Exit Glacier.

~ Danny

Glacier Blue Ice - Exit Glacier