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Our MOST Asked Question?

Kayaking in Seward, Alaska
Just Another Beautiful Day in Paradise
One of our most popular questions is "When is the best time to visit Alaska?"
 Most people are under the assumption we're going to say July or August.  It's warm and sunny in the Lower 48 that time of year and all the summer fun is underway.  But coastal Alaska is a bit different as far as the weather goes, and more often than not late July and August bring rain and clouds.  Don't get me wrong, paddling in the rain and fog is a very beautiful way to go, when dressed appropriately.

Don't believe me?  Check out this precipitation chart. Can you see it...the rainy season starts kicking into gear in August and June is the driest month of the year.

Precipitation Averages Seward, AK  

Now you're about to say, "Yea, but isn't it cold in May?"  Our average high temperature is 61°F (16°C) in July.  No matter when you visit we're going to ask you to wear layers and bring a rain layer.  Why not shoot for the best chance of leaving that rain layer at the hotel?

Another great reason to visit in May or June?  All summer operations are up and running, all the lodging is still at shoulder rates (May in particular) and NO ONE IS HERE!  Beat the crowds!  That's why you're visiting Alaska, isn't it?  To experience the 'last frontier' and real wilderness?  

Do you need another reason to visit early?  Ask me.  Seriously, drop me an email at with your questions.  After 16 summers in Alaska I have a lot of answers and I'm happy to share. ;)

May Kayaking in Seward, Alaska
An Early May Morning