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Honeymoon in Alaska!

Ted/Jenny and Alyssa/Marcus celebrating their honeymoon in Alaska
Congratulations to Ted/Jenny and Marcus/Alyssa on their recent respective weddings! These two couples decided to embark to Alaska for a honeymoon full of adventure.
We were very excited that they decided to kayak with us this week on our full day Caines Head kayak/hike trip. It was a great day that consisted of a paddle out to Caines Head where Fort McGilvrey, an old World War II fortification, sits embedded on top of the mountain. After a two mile hike, we all enjoyed lunch at the fort with an incredible view over Resurrection Bay. If you are planning a summer wedding in 2014, I strongly encourage you to consider Alaska as one of your possible honeymoon destinations. The majesty up here is incredible and the adventure up north would be a fantastic way to start married life together.