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Blue Thunder

Aialik Glacier
It would be impossible to pick a favorite experience or moment of my time up here, but something that would be in my top 5 would surely be the sights and sounds of being up close and personal with a tidewater glacier. Glaciers occur when years of snowfall compact together to form extremely thick ice. Because the density is so great, the ice absorbs every color on the spectrum except blue which is why glacier ice has a majestic blue coloration.
My favorite thing about glaciers are the sounds they make. When ice falls off the face of a glacier, an event called calving, the reverberations are reminiscent of the daily thunderstorms I remember from my summer days in Florida. Nothing beats camping within earshot of a calving glacier listening to the echoes of thunder while falling asleep.

If you are looking to experience the sights and sounds of these amazing blocks of ice, our Grand Day trip gets you a front row seat to one of the few remaining tidewater glaciers in the world. It's definitely a sight for the bucket list!

~ Danny
Close up shot of Aialik Glacier