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Words can't describe...

Words often can't describe everything we see so for this blog entry, we'll let the images below do the talking on some of our 2013 summer adventures so far at Sunny Cove. Enjoy!

~ Danny

View of Southwestern Glacier during 5 day
overnight kayak camping trip

Beautiful sunset over Resurrection Bay

Waterfalls seen during our Grand Day trip to Holgate Glacier

Paddling through Bergie Bits on Grand Day trip

Guests in front of Holgate Glacier on Grand Day trip

View from top of Fox Island

Halibut Cove on Fox Island

Huge waterfall in Humpy Cove

Orcas in front of the overnight Wilderness Lodge on Fox Island

4th of July in Seward!

Getting some shade from the sun in a small cave at high tide

Sunset on Fox Island


Food prep during kayak camping trip

Paddling in Northwestern Fjord

Bald Eagle in flight over Tonsina Beach

Entrance to Fort McGilvray on Caines Head Paddle/Hike trip

View across Resurrection Bay from Fort McGilvray

View of Seward from Race Point on Mount Marathon

Sweet colors over a glacier

Black Bear

Harbor Seal checking us out