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Wildlife Spotlight: Bald Eagle

A fun game to play with guests is to see who can spot the Bald Eagle. When looking at a mountainside of green foliage, you might see what looks like a white golf ball amongst the trees. More than likely, it's a Bald Eagle. The Bald Eagle is one of our most common wildlife sightings on kayak trips and don't be surprised if you see several during a short paddle. 

The Bald Eagle is a bird of prey found only in North America and is both the national bird and national animal of the United States of America. The Bald Eagle does not receive its fully white head until it reaches sexual maturity around age 5. Female eagles are larger than the males and they build the largest nests of any bird in North America. They will add on to their nest every year and the largest nest ever recorded actually weighed over a ton! 

If you are looking for a great view of a Bald Eagle, there is a pretty good chance you will see one on our Lowell Point trips. They are commonly seen on the coastline down towards Tonsina Creek so either our three hour Lowell Point trip or Tonsina Day trip are the trips to be on. Oh, and one last important piece of information regarding the Bald Eagle. Do you know what Bald Eagle tastes like?? Freedom!

~ Danny

Bald Eagle taking off