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Sunshine, Mountains, Water and Costco

You all might think everything we do here at Sunny Cove is just fun and games.   Well, it is, mostly.  I mean, we get to live in a beautiful place, kayak with amazing people and see tons of wildlife everyday. However, there is a lot happening in the background most of our guests just don't get to see.

 For instance, roughly every four weeks I have the pleasure of driving 2.5 hours to Anchorage only to run store to store, covering as much ground as I can in 6-8 hours before driving 2.5 hours back to Seward.

Why do I get this lucky chore?  Well, for one, I really like the drive and I don't get out of the greater Seward area too often and the change of scenery is nice.  Two, I'm one of those weird organized people who look at tasks like this as a giant puzzle that's fun to solve.

Beautiful, Right?
Even the construction zones are pretty!
This particular trip I had 13 stops to make in the Greater Anchorage area.  My first three stops had me circling 4th Ave in Downtown Anchorage, which hosts free music in the park every Wednesday.  It was great to hear the live polka music, but not so easy to find a parking spot.
Not the Greatest Picture of 4th Ave.

Wednesday Music in the Park
I wish I'd had the time to stop, grab a reindeer sausage from one of the food carts and lounge in the grass.  Maybe next time.  I did find time to stop at the Moose's Tooth for lunch...I always do.  The Moose's Tooth is my favorite place to stop for lunch.  I always get the salmon spread for lunch, two flash baked AWESOME pizzas for a couple dinners, and a growler of delicious Apple Beer for later.
A fairly quiet Moose's Tooth.
My next stop is the biggest, Costco.  You wouldn't believe how much food we go through in a summer on our trips.  Smoked and fresh salmon, halibut, reindeer sausage, bagels, bread, snacks, juice, water, toilet paper (#1 on the list, as usual), strawberries, get the point.  I usually end up with three to four push carts of supplies by the time I'm finished.  I'm basically the person you don't want to be behind in line for checkout.
Just a portion of the pile.
Now it's time to look forward to another 2.5 hour drive South to Seward.  Gas, check.  Coffee, check.  Go!

The Van is FULL!

Turnagain Arm, heading south.

Beautiful Evening Skies

Almost home.

This time I made it home about 8:30 pm (left at 6:30 am)....275 miles and 19,473 steps later.