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4th of July in Seward

Every 4th of July Seward hosts the Mt Marathon Race, an insanely intense race involving 3.5 miles both UP and down Mt. Marathon, topping out a 3,022 feet.  
View of Mt Marathon to the Racers Summit.

The Mt Marathon race draws nearly 40,000 people to Seward each 4th of July, with several hundred runners.  The runners deal with a nearly 38 degree average incline, slippery foliage and loose scree, with the top competitors completing in under 1 hour.
Women's Race Winner Christy Marvin-53:20

Several racers are over 65 years old.  Inspiration!
 Following the women's race is the traditional 4th of July parade.  Short and sweet.

And noisy.  Just like a parade should be.

Yummy Junk Food!
Between the races and the parade most find the time to visit one of the many stands.  All the good fair munchies are there, funnel cakes, bbq, deep fried halibut...YUM!

The men's race typically begins at 3pm.  This year's winner, Eric Strabel, beat the 32 year old course record with a finish of 42:55.  You read that correctly.  42 minutes. 55 seconds.  Amazing. 
Proof it happened.