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Intern Day at Sunny Cove!

Paddling inside Halibut Cove
Are you a business owner looking to create some camaraderie with your employees? Then look no further than Sunny Cove!
Last week, BP brought a group of 63 interns to Fox Island for a three-hour paddle and beach walk. Paddling together in a large group takes a lot of teamwork, communication, and trust; three important functions of any team. Sunny Cove was happy to provide an educational experience for these interns who left with a greater appreciation and knowledge base of the natural environment in which their work has an impact on. Sunny Cove is happy to team up with our community partners so if you think your business or the company you work for would benefit from a fun filled day of kayaking, please contact us to chat about what we may be able to provide. Bon voyage!
BP Intern Day at Sunny Cove
~ Danny