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Fox Island is open for business!

If you are looking for a more remote paddling experience, book a trip with Kenai Fjords Tours out to Fox Island where you will be dropped off to enjoy a fantastic kayak adventure paddling the shores of Fox Island.
And for you LOST fans out there, there are no smoke monsters on this island! However, what we have noticed on the island recently are the puffins! Yesterday morning’s guests were treated with the discovery of a horned puffin nest and several of these diving seabirds circling above Halibut Cove. Our afternoon trip consisted of a family of four from Orlando and a group of friends from Boise. They had clear sunny skies and were able to paddle out to Sunny Cove and get a great view of several sea stars hanging out on Starfish Rock. And for our evening trip, we enjoyed the company of two men from Poland who had just returned from an adventure up to the summit of Denali. Our evening trip is available for guests who stay overnight on the island at the Fox Island Wilderness Lodge and is a beautiful paddle where you can see the sun setting behind the Kenai Mountains while you are on the water. Fox Island is only accessible by boat so if you enjoy the remoteness like we do, we’d love to have you join us on the island. Just keep paddling!