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A Grand Day Indeed

Words can’t do this blog post justice, but I will do my best. What an epic adventure our most recent Grand Day trip was! In short, the Grand Day trip includes a boat ride out to Holgate Glacier followed by a three-hour kayak trip that gets you just half a mile away from glacier’s edge.
This trip is one where both journey and destination are filled with once in a lifetime vistas that would even challenge your imagination to match. While in transit, you had to decide if your favorite moment was the extremely rare viewing of two separate pods of orcas swimming nearby or the breaching humpback calf that was going crazy wild splashing about for over 10 minutes. Not to mention to Dall’s porpoise riding the wake of our boat. Not your thing? How about paddling through Bergy Bits until you are half a mile from one of the few remaining tidewater glaciers in the world. Glacier calving ensued every few minutes treating us to ice landslides and thunderous reverberations. You will leave feeling like you traveled back in time to the last ice age. Interested aren’t you?! Well lucky for you, we still have openings on several of our Grand Day trips throughout the summer. Come join us for a grand day out on the water!