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We Get the Most Interesting Guests

One of the best things about guiding is the interesting people you meet.
This afternoons’ tour included two retired Canadian gals from Greenstone, who shared their experiences as wildlife rehabilitation volunteers working with bald eagles and ravens. Jane had even raised a crow. Of course we got into an unresolved debate about which bird, raven or crow, was smarter. This sparked other wildlife related discussions and we ended up hearing about searching for snow leopards from a post doc student from India who is currently studying at UCLA and escapes to Alaska whenever he has a chance. Rounding out our tour were two locals, one of our fishing boat captains and the other the captain who runs the Park Service research vessel. This tour was unusual for the amount of expertise in the natural history / outdoor arena but  I always find I learn something from our guests. They come from all walks of life and with different levels of kayaking experience but they almost always have something interesting to share. Bring your stories and we’ll trade tales. 
 The day was overcast when we started and cleared as we paddled giving us glimpses of the surrounding peaks. 
MT Alice looming above the clouds, paddlers and Resurrection Bay 

Landing on Sunny Coves beautiful beach at Lowell Point