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It's a Heat Wave!

Seward’s been hit with a heat wave!!! Can’t believe this awesome weather right now.
Yesterday’s temperature hit 80 degrees, which broke the previous record high by 12 degrees. (Disclaimer: One hot day will not drastically change the water temperature in the bay as I found out yesterday in going for an afternoon swim. Still cold!) But back to this weather, you won’t hear us complaining as it provides fantastic paddling days. Today we had a trip with several local folks also in the service industry. They can be seen here under a waterfall next to Tonsina Creek. It’s an absolute rarity to see the water pouring down this much, but thanks to our record high yesterday, the snow is melting fast and flowing freely down the mountainside! If you are a fan of waterfalls like I am, now is a great time to book a trip with us. Just make sure to put your sunscreen on! -Danny