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Staff Training and Other Antics, Summer 2012

Spring is upon us, which means two things...the birds have migrated North and so have the guides!  Over the last few weeks we've been working hard getting our boats and gear ready to go.

We picked up several new tandem and single kayaks from Current Designs this year!  Unwrapping new kayaks is always a bit like Christmas morning.  Who doesn't like getting a brand new toy?

Next in line is refreshing our returning staff and training our new staff so we're all up to speed by the time trips start on May 18th.  The staff loves going to the pool and practicing in warm water before heading out into the ocean for rescue refreshers.

Although we were lucky enough for a sunny day when it came time to swim in Resurrection Bay.

Super Kayak Guides!

Single to single assisted rescue practice.

Bilge pumps are FUN!

The highlight of the training was our 3-day tour of Resurrection Bay.  Our route took us from Lowell Point, to Caines Head State Recreational Area, to Fox Island, to Thumb Cove and back to Lowell Point.  We learned a lot...

Ate a lot of great food...

Had some snow, followed by great weather...

And saw some AWESOME wildlife!

And finished off with the tradition of the Orca Raising Ceremony with a great group of people!