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Seasons change... fall into winter

 Seasons are changing… fall is sliding into winter. Mountain tops are turning white and life is slowing down. The Seward Harbor is quiet.

Trees and grasses along Exit Glacier road reflect the movement from fall into winter. 

Even lower elevations are seeing frost. 

Birds are migrating south

Fall tides are some of the highest we experience. At Tonsina beach the tide floods into the area behind the beach allowing us to paddle areas normally hiked. 

This is usually grassland.  The beach is beyond the trees. Its rare to be able to paddle here. 

The high tide fun extends to new paddling opportunities through sea stacks. 

On the mountain tops winter has arrived. First day of backcountry skiing Oct 24. 

It was a bit of a hike to get to the snow but worth it. This time of year allows you to ski one day and paddle the next.