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Season's start

It's spring... snows melting, fiddle head ferns are sprouting, whales breeching and the cottonwoods blooming. Sunny Cove guides are busy training.

Guide training involves 10 days of intense activity. Kayak instruction skills is just one topic.

We also focus on natural history, getting acquainted with the birds like the tufted puffin above. Many of our guide staff come to us with a natural history background.

We spent an afternoon at the Alaska Sealife Center checking out the displays and doing a behind the scene tour of the facility.

Our three day kayak camping trip was a great way to get guides acquainted with the area and Sunny Cove food. We ate well.

The rest of Seward was also celebrating spring. Luna Dance Circle performed in front of our reservation office at the Small Boat Harbor.

We've been enjoying some great paddling with lots of wildlife. Yesterdays outing included sea otters, sea lions, a humpback whale and a swimming bald eagle.

The eagle had selected a fish a bit to large to fly with and had to swim to short to land its meal. Red salmon for dinner.