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March Adventures - Lowell Point Paddle/Hike

It's been an odd March in Seward. Most of the month has been cold and sunny with very little new snow.  Skiers have found themselves ice skating, hiking, and paddling. We've taken advantage of the weather to do some combination paddle/hike trips up the drainage's along Resurrection Bay.

Starting at Lowell Point we paddled down to Tonsina beach.  Landing at Tonsina we grabbed our ski poles and started up stream towards a rumored waterfall in the back of the valley.

An hour creek walk brought us to this spectacular waterfall. This is an area that would require bush bashing/stream wading to get into during the summer.

Nothing like a picnic lunch on Tonsina beach. The trees are ghost trees killed by the 1964 earthquake. When the land here dropped approximately 6 feet the tree roots were exposed to salt water. This killed the trees and preserved the standing deadwood.

On the paddle home we encountered a sea otter, two sea lions and a seal. They all checked us out. They don't see many winter paddlers and seemed more curious then usual. Another beautiful Seward day.