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Orca Raising Party

When first year Sunny Cove guides have completed training and are ready to lead trips independently we have an Orca raising party welcoming the new staff into the pod.

New guides getting their jackets this year include Brian Studiale, Kayti Rowen, Mike McGrath, and Anne White.

To help celebrate we invited a few friends over including the band Salem. For the last couple of years Sunny Cove has been graced by an annual visit from the Colorado based band. Fortunately for us band leader Todd Anders Johnson is into kayaking.  Its not often that Seward gets music this good...

The party was a great way to kick off the 4th of July weekend.

Saxophonist Kenny Blackwell getting the crowd dancing.

Salem does original music - a mix of jazz, funk and afro-cuban rhythms ... Check them out at

Guides Frank Coyle and Anne White were just two of the people with big smiles at the party.