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Close encounter of a Orca kind- Northwestern Fjord 8/1-5

Northwestern Fjord is a special place. A slice of wilderness paradise. Not easy or inexpensive to get to but ... worth it. A 3 hour charter boat ride started the trip.

Travel companions included Harry and Charles Brod and Bill Byers. Sunshine and seals greeted us as we paddled toward Anchor and Ogive glaciers.

Our trip included some bushwacking and glacier morraine hiking. Its an incredible area to explore by foot or paddle.

What a landscape

Everywhere you look is a picture.

Not every day or trip is sunny. We get our share of rain and usually we're compensated on those days with good wildlife sightings. Our paddle day to Harris Bay started with a mellow drizzle. As the wind waves and rain intensified so did our wildlife encounters. First we had humpback whales in the distance then we noticed a pod of orcas coming our way. They were an easy spot with a whale research boat and a Kenai Fjords Tour boat also viewing the orcas. The orcas however were more interested in us. This short clip is just one of the passes the whales made to check the kayakers out. They were curious and at no time did I sense that we were in danger. I think some folks on the tour boat thought we were about to be dinner.